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The PeopleBooth is a wonderful coming-together of capturing awesome memories via portraiture, and allowing everyone to have a great time and create fab photos.

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We specialize in FUN-TOGRAPHY!

The PeopleBooth is Adelaideu2019s only open-style photobooth that features greenscreen software and high-resolution, digitally-delivered photos; allowing guests to superimpose a background of choice onto their images, and have the freedom to upload and share online!

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Be transported away

With our new greenscreen option, you and your guests can choose their backgrounds from a selection!

Our props, hats and dress-ups are the best!! Why settle for cardboard cut-outs or the like? Our accessories are lovingly collected and curated by lovers of whimsy and the self-appointed Keepers Of The Silly Suitcases.

PeopleBooth is fully digital

Your photos are high-resolution images ready for sharing online or printing at your leisure. We upload your images on our website so you can conveniently collect them online.

Our software is awesome! We scoured the market for a great piece of software to run the PeopleBooth. We can discuss customised options for templates, logos and messages. Where available, you can have images posted onto Facebook or Twitter as theyu2019re being taken throughout the event.

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We do the set up and pack down

You just let us know where you want us to be, and let us do all the hardwork! We just need approximately 3m x 3m of space to set up in and access to a power outlet.


We have been doing this a long time

Our founder started in portraits over ten years ago, but couldn’t help her silly side coming out when she would do test photos. She also has a history in entertainment hire. Creating this service was natural next step.

Read our reviews and look through our photos to see just how happy customers are to be PeopleBooth-ed!

Read our reviews

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